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Marmara International Cargo Services Co. is an international freight forwarding outfit headquartered in ISTANBUL , which has represented excellence in the shipping, forwarding and logistics industry for almost four decades. We offer years of professional experience within the freight forwarding, logistics and commercial storage sectors. Our portfolio of specialized services includes International Freight Forwarding for ocean and airfreight, Liner Service, Container Freight Station, Stevedoring & Terminal Operations, Customs Broking, Cargo Survey and Container Yard.

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Air Freight

We send shipments to almost anywhere in the world. Also, Marmara International Company gives you access to all parts of the world with the greatest flexibility.

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Sea freight

Marmara has extensive experience in shipping, as it deals with all major shipping companies and the largest ports in the world.

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Sale of containers

Marmara containers are used as an effective and safe way to transport goods during the many stages of transport that they go through, such as sea, land, car or train transport.

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General Trading

Whether you are a trader, investor or manufacturer wanting to enter the world of import from abroad, especially from Turkey, export to the foreign market and find your desired products with the best quality and lowest price, you are in the right place.

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